Infor Factory Track

Infor Factory Track is a comprehensive system for collecting data and managing production / manufacturing operations and activities related to labor and time / attendance.
Designed to help you streamline production and speed inventory operations, Factory Track is purpose-built to integrate with Infor’s industrial manufacturing solutions. You get the visibility and insight to understand true costs, improve cycle times, and respond to customer expectations for on-time delivery.

Infor Factory Track includes three fully integrated modules :

– Infor Warehouse Mobility
– Infor Shop Floor
– Infor Time Track

The result? Materials get properly inventoried; production stays on schedule; and labor costs are kept under control.


End-to-end manufacturing automation From receiving raw materials to assembly and all the way to shipping finished goods, Infor Factory Track manages automation from plant floor to the warehouse. Specific modules focus on the key areas of automation: inventory handling, scheduling work center operations, and labor time and attendance.


Warehouse mobility and tracing Minimize noncompliance and improve quality control. With advanced visibility across manufacturing value chain, even the most complex, multi-level serial number and lot-controlled items can be traced. Attention to unit and components offers great control over versions, and fast-changing product specifications.


Labor time and attendance With 200+ configurable parameters, Infor Factory Track’s Time Track module provides you true labor costs. Manufacturing-specific labor and attendance functionality collects data through various sources without disrupting manufacturing activities to meet labor tracking requirements of any facility.