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Piriou aims to double its revenues thanks to the redesign of its computer systems

The French shipbuilder, a leader in its sector, also aims to double its production by relying on Infor LN.  

PARIS – February 10, 2020 – Infor, one of the leading publishers of business applications specialized by sector and available in the cloud, announces that the French shipbuilder Piriou has chosen its Infor LN solution to support it in the transformation of its production, repair and maintenance activities worldwide. Piriou, a medium-sized boat builder for both private and public uses, including commercial fishing and the military sector, has decided to introduce a modern ERP, with the aim of doubling its revenues over the next five years.  

Previously, Piriou relied on an as/400 system that was not very user-friendly, offering limited functionality and supporting only the French language. In particular, this system slowed the growth of the production and service activities of its shipyards located in Africa and Vietnam.

After a detailed review of the solutions of eight different suppliers, including IFS, Microsoft and SAP, Piriou chose Infor LN, supported by the French integrator Hélyad. 

 “With the deployment of Infor LN, we have opted for an ambitious international program to modernize our information systems,” said Vincent Faujour, CEO of Piriou. “Our main objectives are to improve the service provided to our customers, as well as to optimize the management of our sites and the productivity of our employees. Our key users have selected Infor LN because of its ability to meet our expectations as closely as possible.

In addition, the couple Infor/Helyad, which works well, also shares values that are dear to us. So, like them, we value commitment, real closeness to our customers and being able to speak the same language.”

In order to avoid a big-bang approach, Piriou plans a structured deployment over the next few years. Its largest site – the Piriou Shipyards – located in Concarneau is expected to be the first to benefit from the commissioning of the solution in 2021. Then come the other French sites, as well as those located in

Africa and Vietnam.

Infor LN is perfectly suited to Piriou’s complex supply chain ordering, production and management processes. The company does not hold any products in stock; it builds vessels according to the specific requirements of a given client, with some projects sometimes taking up to four years to comply with that client’s requirements.

With Infor LN, Piriou hopes to increase its production volume and optimize its activities, including providing users with direct visibility into component orders. This will be particularly beneficial for Vietnamese employees facing increasing complexity when ordering components through different sources of suppliers or intermediaries, this complexity impacting the visibility and speed of operations.

“Our growth ambitions for the next five years are based on doubling our revenues, which would have been impossible with our old ERP system,” says Jean-Michel Veauvy, CIO of Piriou. “With the bulk of our activity focused on shipbuilding, we can see how Infor LN will help us double our production. But for us, the repair and maintenance component is also important, because it is growing rapidly. And when we need help meeting our customers’ expectations, regardless of their location, Infor LN should also allow us to better manage our margins. Finally, we hope that Infor LN’s mobility features will enhance the efficiency of our service teams, which are often required to remotely operate on the fleets of our customers operating around the world.”

“The success of a project lies in the ability to unite teams around a common goal,” concludes Laurent Jacquemain, VP Southern Europe at Infor. “While one of our competitors enjoys a dominant position in the shipyard industry, we were chosen jointly with our partner Helyad. The fact that our team has focused on understanding and meeting Piriou’s expectations, in addition to the recognition of our ERP solution in the market, has made the difference. »

About Piriou

A major player in the shipbuilding and repair sector since 1965, PIRIOU specialises in the production of medium-sized vessels – up to 120 m long – with high added value thanks to efficient engineering and a global network of industrial sites in Europe, Africa and Asia.

With more than 500 ships built and delivered worldwide, PIRIOU offers tailored solutions, as well as a full range of standardized or customized vessels that meet the expectations of international shipowners, whether private or public, civilian or military.

About Infor

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